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Dog Whispering Auckland | Psssst…pay attention

If you are not careful you might miss what is going on between you and your dog. Communication between dogs and communication between dogs and us is often subtle. And sometimes it is not. But for the most part we would be well advised to stop and pay attention to what is actually happening when we interact with our dogs. Why? Because – and here comes the important bit – with every interaction you train your dog. And you also shape the relationship between the two of you each time you interact. So you better know what you are doing since your dog is learning based on its environment and you are a major factor in that.

Dog Whispering in Auckland | What is it?

The term dog whispering is centered around using body language and energy among other things to communicate with a dog on an instinctual level. It sounds fancy but it is really just common sense at the end of the day. Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan probably made the term known around the world. The “whispering” part comes from the idea of communicating without words, which is a really tricky thing for a lot of people since we are so used to talking all the time. And the idea that the dog understands what we say is a belief that is difficult to dispose of. Dogs do not understand what we say, but they do understand what we feel, the charge behind the words. The thing is dogs know exactly what is going on for us. Words just add another layer and for the most part, don’t add clarity but confusion.

To use body language and our energy effectively we need to be clear where we are at internally, what is going on and most importantly what we want. Only then can we direct our body and energy clearly. Since we are not used to this it requires practice. Even if we are not conscious of what we are putting out (transmitting) it is nevertheless received. The end result is that we often fuel behaviors we want to stop or simply give out confusing signals which usually reinforce behaviors as well.

One example is a dog who developed some aggression towards other dogs on the walk. As another dog approaches owners often feel nervous, unsure etc. This often preempts, triggers or strengthens the undesired behavior in the dog. Another example is a dog jumping up at a friend who comes to visit. The owner might feel embarrassed and tells the dog to stop at the same time – this is in-congruent behavior and confusing to the dog. You surely can think of many other examples.

But please don’t get hung up on any definitions. Dog Whispering Auckland is just our interpretation of it – with a focus on putting the responsibility where it belongs, with us. Many other people have many other ideas of dog whispering, training, politics and what not. It is important to find your own way. The more we work with dogs, the more our understanding, approach and philosophy evolves. There is no right way, there are many. Let’s not be stuck. If we are stuck we are already out of balance.

TheK9Way has shown our family how to communicate with the dogs without a word.Corinne & Daniel Williams | Glen Eden

I have a different dog, I think Bastian is as close to an actual dog whisperer as a person can be. One of the biggest things that made the difference is that he doesn’t just TRAIN our dog, he showed US how to train our dog.Robyne Halse | Mangawhai

Auckland Dog Whispering | In action

Dog Whispering Auckland Dog Whisperer Auckland Bastian from TheK9WayWorking with dogs instincts is integral to all our services. For Dog Training & Puppy Training services a big part of this is education – a down to earth way of looking at dogs and their ways and how we can communicate to them in a way they understand. The other part is guidance for owners so we know what we are communicating. We need to shed light on our thinking, feeling and behavior in relation to our furry companions. So we can be more real with where we are at and be more clear of what we need to change.

For Dog Walking & Dog Minding services it comes down to is providing clear guidance for the dogs. Challenged by healthy boundaries they need to use their brain & exercise self-control. The other side of the equation is freedom so dogs can express their instincts and doggieness. Both need to be there – free expression and control. One without the other is unbalanced.

It is never easy to achieve balance and it is often temporary, but we can at least aim for it. We can expect to stumble on fall on the way, so we might as well enjoy the journey. Let us guide you a little.

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