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Dog Taining Auckland | TheK9Way


Independent of age, breed or behavioral problem we offer you a common sense approach to Dog Training that works, empowers you and relaxes your dog. The focus is on the relationship between you and your dog and how to build more respect, trust and understanding. After all you want a sound solution for the issues you are facing, not a band-aid. Get started…

Puppy Taining Auckland | TheK9Way


Getting your puppy started on the right foot makes such a difference in the long run. But how exactly can you form a balanced bond & relationship? What is needed besides food, water, socialization, warmth & play? What do you need to know about socialization? How do you communicate what is off limits? How can you teach tricks & commands effectively? Invaluable puppy training for the long run. Get started…

Dog Walking Auckland | TheK9Way


Are you busy? No problem. You can easily fulfill your dogs mental and physical needs and gift your dog a balanced learning environment for socialization, expression and much more with our Dog Walking services. Forget about feeling guilty and instead rest assured that your dog not only gets a great outing but more importantly is asked to learn & develop. Get started…

Dog Minding Auckland | TheK9Way


Are you going away? Want great care for your dog & home? Experience utmost ease, both for you and your dog with our Dog Minding services. Forget about organizing anything before you leave. We come and meet you for free and take it from there. Just leave your dog and your home in our care. Done. We throw in some professional Dog Walking to sweeten the deal. Get started…

Dog Whispering Auckland | TheK9Way


The term dog whispering is centered around using body language and energy among other things to communicate with a dog on an instinctual level. It sounds fancy but it is really just common sense at the end of the day. The “whispering” part comes from the idea of communicating without words, which is a really tricky thing for a lot of people since we are so used to talking all the time. Find out more…

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